Partner Brand Holiday Deals and Active Giveaways

First up on the holiday sale you can get a Havit Near Mechanical RGB Gaming Keyboard.  This gaming keyboard comes with a rainbow pattern and has 10 different breathing options.  You can pick up this gaming keyboard for 20% off just use coupon code RVLWV2CA on Amazon at checkout and the coupon is valid until December 10th.


The Ailihen C8 Headphones combines the very best in sound, with the convenience of an in-line microphone and volume control. In-Line headphones microphone offers easy communication access, so you can stay connected,puts music and call controls at your fingertips.  Get 20% off with coupon code 9HOZZOA6 which is valid until December 1st 2016.

The LuguLake T180 TV Sound Bar has crystal clear sound which comes from two sets of 1 inch tweeters and 3 inch full range drivers, 3D surround sound processor with DTS digital decoding. It also supports Bluetooth so you can use it not only for your TV and Entertainment System but to listen to all your music from your mobile devices.  Get 10% off with Coupon Code 8GRBVFAF used at checkout.


The Decolighting Red and Green Laser Christmas Lights Holiday Landscape Lighting with RF Remote Control allows you to decorate your home without having to string up Christmas lights.  You simply set the laser into your lawn via the stake or use the stand and point it at your home and you get thousands of red and green patterns covering the front of your entire home.  It has motion for the light patterns as well as a pattern variety.  It also works in temperatures up to -26 degrees and is rain proof.  Pick up the Decolighting Christmas Laser from HopeProDirect for 20% off with Coupon Code CD8U7ZA3 at checkout.

PS4 Pro
Active Holiday Giveaways

As you know we have many giveaways during the holiday season as brands try to get their products in front of readers.  One such giveaway is the Mixcder Shareme 5 headphone giveaway, and the winner gets 2 sets of the headphones so they can listen to music with a friend together.  

The next giveaway ending soon is the Home8 Wireless home security system giveaway and this includes 2 camera's so that you can monitor your home if you are going away for the holidays.  Keep track of two entry points and make sure you always know who or what may show up as you can use it to monitor for package drop offs as well.

Still related to listening to music, the Syllable D900 Mini wireless earbuds giveaway allows you a chance to win truly wireless earbuds where each bud is cord free and sits independantly in your ear.  The buds come connected to each other so you pair to your phone or tablet and are ready to go to listen to music without a cord hanging on your neck.

You know that Havit Gaming Keyboard that is on sale at the beginning of the newsletter?  Well we are also running a giveaway for this near-mechanical gaming keyboard as well so make sure you enter for your chance to win in the Havit HV-380KBL Gaming Keyboard Giveaway.

Finally, do not miss out on the biggest giveaway of the year where we are giving readers a chance to enter to win a PlayStation 4 Pro prize pack which includes a 1TB PlayStation 4 Pro but also a Hamswan Wireless Headset and a pair of Gaming Earbuds from Kworld as well.

PS4 Pro Giveaway
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Latest Videos from our Channel

There have been a lot of games streamed on our channels over the past few weeks so wanted to highlight some of them. 
My son and I took the RW Toy RC Lamborghini Veneno Racing Car out to review and had a good time putting it through it's paces.  This 1/24 scale R/C vehicle goes up to 8mph and has front and rear working LED lights for forward and reverse.  

WD Blue

We wound up getting a WD Blue SSD Drive to review and Iggy took some time creating several video's for it including how to install Windows 10 on the WD Blue SSD Drive.